The Pirates at the European Parliament

The Pirate Party, for the first time in history, will enter into European Parliament, having gained in Sweden 7.4 percent of the votes. A turning point which tells how nowadays the popular feeling around the topics of copyright on the Internet has changed. The main purpose of the Pirate Party is in fact to change the laws on the protection of copyright and they promit: “We’ll Defend freedom on the web”

This success is probably partially due to the process against the Swedish Pirate Bay, but there is more. It is a sign that young people want that the rooted habit to exchange music, films and games with their friends is recognized as a right and governments have to deal with that, without moving roughly against peer to peer and other forms of free distribution of knowledge.

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China and Japan move to protect intellectual property rights

China and Japan, in the effort to constrain the economic crisis, agreed to start a working group on protecting intellectual property rights.

“If an issue related to intellectual property rights occurs, we’d like to consider solving specific problems using this working group,” Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said after meeting Japanese cabinet ministers at the countries’ High-Level Economic Dialogue.

Sachiko Sakamaki and Takshi Hirokawa report in an article published on on June 7, 2009, that China is Japan’s largest trading partner, and Japanese companies have complained about the mainland’s lack of copyright and patent protection.

The slump in China’s exports led to the nation’s slowest economic growth in almost a decade last quarter. China-Japan trade dropped 23 percent in the first four months from a year earlier and Japan’s direct investment in China shrank by 15 percent, according to Chinese data.

Japan is China’s third-largest trading partner after the European Union and the U.S.

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Sharing Intellectual Property While Preserving Rights

Wolf Greenfield Seminar, June 11, Boston

IP Communication Strategies and Protection Tools

BOSTON, MA — (Marketwire) — 05/08/09 — A free seminar on how to share intellectual property while preserving rights will be held by Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C., an IP law firm, on June 11 in Boston.

To generate ideas and investment, organizations need to share proprietary information internally and externally. But this can lead to loss of intellectual property exclusivity or even effectively relinquish ownership rights to others.

How does an organization disclose and leverage its intellectual property while preserving rights and keeping competitors and infringers at bay?

This seminar will detail IP communication strategies needed during the life of an invention from inception through commercialization. The panelists will cover

— Identifying and minimizing disclosure risks that can destroy IP rights
down the road
— Communicating safely with investors, universities, partners, and
— Using protection tools like attorney/client privilege, confidentiality
agreements, employee contracts, and trade secrets effectively
— Balancing the legal risks and business benefits of disclosure

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