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Public Domain, The: How to Find and Use Copyright Free Writings, Music, Art & More

Public Domain, The: How to Find and Use Copyright Free Writings, Music, Art & More

“A superb offering showing how to avoid lawsuits by getting one’s hands on thousands of public domain songs, movies and manuscripts that can be used on websites or anywhere else free of charge.” — James Coates, Chicago Tribune

“How do you tell the difference between what’s copyrighted and what isn’t? A good starting point is Stephen Fishman’s The Public Domain.” — Associated Press

“The constitutional guarantee of a public domain was one of the Framers’ most important gifts to our cultural tradition. This extraordinary book makes real the value of that gift in the 21st Century.” — Laurence Lessig, author,Code & Other Laws of Cyberspace

Product Description
Need content? It’s free for the taking!

Even though you’ve always been told otherwise, writers and artists can copy other people’s work and get away with it. How? By dipping into the public domain, where everything is free for the taking.

The Public Domain is the only book that helps you find and identify what creative works are protected by copyright- and what’s not. The book provides specific information about:

# writings
# music
# art
# photography
# architecture
# maps
# choreography
# movies and video
# software
# databases
# collections

The 4th edition is crisper, fresher and completely updated with new case law, and includes information on the emergence of the “copyright commons.” The book also provides hundreds of resources to help you find public-domain works.

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